An Extraordinary Summer at Horizons

Summer 2017 ended with a blast! :tada: I spent an amazing summer at Horizons in San Francsico. It has been an honor and a privilege working with such an amazing group of talented people.

Horizons is a rapidly growing education startup that is changing the way technology is taught. It’s a coding bootcamp that teaches technologies such as JavaScript/Node.js, Express, MongoDB, React/Redux, etc.

Horizons Summer 2017

Here are some highlights:


  • designed coding experience for over 120 undergraduate students by creating and revising exercises for both full-stack web technologies (Node.js, Express, MongoDB, React, React Router, Redux, Webpack) and algorithms/data structures;
  • mentored students in the job prep path on data structures/algorithms;
  • added features and refactored some code for the tutoring Slack bot!
  • engineered a final project, a natural language based, interactive Slack bot for scheduling reminders and meetings on Google Calendar, to teach advanced asynchronous and state management concepts;
  • worked with a team of amazing junior and senior instructors;
  • horizons hackathon!

Places that I’ve visited

  • Airbnb HQ
  • Doleres Park (there’s a pretty good ice cream shop nearby!)
  • Fisherman Wharf
  • Japantown
  • Lands End (hiking!)
  • Stonestown
  • Twin Peaks
  • University of Berkeley (monsters university)


  • Azalina’s on Market St. - Malaysian (Curry Chicken is highly recommended!)
  • Kokio Republic - Korean Fried Chicken (Closed)
  • Lers Ros - Thai (Chicken Satay)
  • Manora’s - Thai (Lemongrass Chicken Soup)
  • Nojo Ramen Tavern - Japanese (Chicken Paitan Soy Sauce Ramen)
  • Pak Nam - Thai (Chicken Noodle)
  • Penang Garden Restaurant - Malaysian (Hainanese Chicken Rice)
  • Rooster & Rice on 2nd St. - Thai

Random stuff that I could recall

  • attended an orchestra at SF Symphony;
    SF Symphony - The Music of John Williams
  • cooked pasta;
  • walked across the Golden Gate Bridge at night; (I could feel that the bridge was shaking…)
  • went for Internapalooza; (Not a good experience. It was really packed. But the talk by Drew Houston was really inspiring!);
  • received an invitation to Google Foobar after googling about Raft Consensus Algorithm;
    Up for a challenge?
  • worked on some graph problems on UVa Online Judge; and
  • participated in AngelHack Silicon Valley and Jane Street’s ETC Challenge;
    We built Parro @ AngelHack!
    Jane Street's ETC Challenge
Horizons Summer 2017
Horizons Summer 2017